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Simply Knitting

I'm in Simply Knitting this issue/month, an interview (Spinning Yarns section) and two patterns. I won't paste up any copies of it, far too embarassed and coy. If you go to the Simply Knitting Daily Blog they have pasted up the full version of my interview. Obviously they had to shorten it to fit the printed version, you know how I go on!

I've got one comment re my Xmas Pud Hat featured in the mag, got a feeling it was a little too small for the poor babe's head, either he has a bigger than average head or the babies are a bit older than they should be, he doesn't look happy and the brim has been unrolled to fit it on and the knitting looks a little under strain. Lesson learned over past year = When making babies hats for photography must make the larger sizes due to the difficulty of finding younger babies. Also, most babies that model sit up and so are likely to be at the upper end of the baby years. I tended to design newborn hats and then size them up as necessary as it saves on yarn and time. I think if I know things might end up in magazines, I must make sure I've got the bigger sizes ready for models and photography.

The babe in the Santa hat looks more than happy though. I am expecting some letters to come in about the looped fur stitch about the instructions for last part of the stitch; both new loops on needle must be stitched together or the loops cannot be cut without risk of fur running. i am sure some people will get a bit confused by this and be so happy they've made a loop they won't worry about the last part.

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noblinknits said...

Babies are a bit tricky aren't they - always growing. I made my neice some socks and wouldn't you know it, they're too big. Maybe she'll be walking to school in them! Will make my mum keep me the copy of SK