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New Zealand

OK, first I hear that there is no way I can knit on circulars,dpns or even crochet with a wooden hook on Air New Zealand. Now I hear that bringing in any 'unprocessed wool or animal hair' including yarns is as bad as smuggling heroin! How far can I stretch the fact that my Cashmere Silk Merino has been processed, i.e. treated and spun in a factory. Surely it doesn't count as animal fur/fleeces etc straight from the animal and therefore carrying disease? Why if I knitted that yarn into a hat would it be any different from yarn? Are they going to stop me from bringing in my already knitted woollens? Gosh, I have been posting hand knitted items to my nephew and niece for years,at any time I could have been arrested as a smuggler then!

The BIG Sheep Sheep Race
Evil sheep with their jockeys making a charge for customs men in Auckland last year. All were caught, fined and extradited to Devon, UK where they continue to race to raise money for other sheep not so lucky and detained in Auckland Penitentiary

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Zabet said...

Odd. When I went to NZ in 2003 they let me bring on US 2 14" aluminium needles with not a second glance at either the needles or the wool.

Your best bet is to bring your knitting AND a large, stamped envelope. If they deny you the knitting, you can mail your stuff back to your house (or maybe to your mum's house or something, since you'll be out of the country).

Air NZ was't crazy at all with restrictions in '03 - we had stainless steel flatware and everything. Hope they let you take it on - a knitter stuck with nothing to knit is NOT a pretty sight!!