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Knit A River

I like any sort of knitting that is for a good cause. I remember last year when it was freezing on the streets and some homeless people I knew were begging for knitted wool blankets. I was hard pushed to get any volunteers to knit up squares.

This year it is Gerald of I-Knit who has put a lot of effort into knitting a river to promote Water Aid. He is doing really well but that shouldn't stop you from donating a blue square for his river. You have probably seen him in just about every knitting magazine going this season promoting the cause. So go to I-knit and help Knit a River.

Is that enough links to make up for the sad fact I just haven't found time yet to do a square myself?


NikolaAnne said...

Hey! I knitted them squares as you asked me to do, just never timed being at AK at the same time as you to give them to you!

They are blue though, so shall I just give them to the river instead?

erssie said...

Thank you Nikki, yes do give them to Gerald. My blanket is on hold still!

Kessa said...

Hi. Thats a good idea. I think most knitters will be willing to knit (a few) blue squares for a good cause if they have more time on their hands.