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There are so many knitting mags in print. I mentioned the new magazine Yarn Forward last month. I don't often go shopping but when I do, I usually grab anything that is going that is knitting or crochet related in WH Smith. Here is what I thought of the current issues out. I've also said enough about Simply Knitting for one month and being in this month's issue, I'm going to refrain from passing comment!

Knit T

This is out monthly. It is a fairly new magazine. I like the style of the magazine, large detailed photographs, with knitting charts and stitch library. The text is also spaced out to avoid the eye skipping lines and there is room on the patterns to write notes about the project. There are 13 projects of a good variety in this month's issue and some interesting articles about hand felting and making your own needles. At last we have some grown up tips for knitters with sensible answers to some well thought out questions.

What I love
- This month there is a pair of socks by Laura Long. Knitted on 5mm needles, I love that idea! The colour work is strong but effective and the shaping is streamlined and cups the heel perfectly.
What I'm not going to knit The Playtime top in Rowan Summer Tweed. I hate this yarn, sorry to be so personal, I just find this yarn very ugly in both colour and texture and no pattern is going to distract me from that. Some yarns sound good in theory and just don't work an
d this is one of them. There were so many other beautiful tweeds on the yarns review page that would have been much better!
What's New? Some new yarn from
Yorkshire called Brigantia. Yes! 100% Wool and British, I love the idea and will be looking into that.

Vogue Knitting

Oh how I love you Vogue. Even though you shake the foundations of my confidence with your novel projects that make me wish I had thought of them first! My one criticism is that there are too many adverts. They should be at the back where they belong and not interspersed with articles causing confusion.

What I love - The wrap over top, Project 21. It is an asymmetric design with one sleeve and one wrap over part knitted in
a Fairisle design that suggests a ribbed texture, I love it!

What I won't be knitting Just about everything. Why? Vogue always inspires me to try to come up with my own ideas. This involves a lot of scribbling and sketching but of course I never have the time to make the things I want to in time for them to be fashionable!

What's New? Knitting software for your Mac, a sock wizard. A vogue knitting tour in
Australia and New Zealand was mentioned but, hang on, that was for September. I really must subscribe and try to get this mag earlier!


This is a monthly mag that has been around for a while now. There is a generous amount of projects, 13 in all in 5 categories catering for all level including children.

What I love
- The beautiful movie star dressing gown. On 5mm needles and using Rowan Kid Classic it airy and lacy and drapes so beautifully. It is crying out for a spiral staircase and an assistant to adjust the train. However, living in a two up
two down 'cottage' it might involve suicide stairs!

What I'm not going to knit -
The mouse family. Looking at them I can see that there was an intention for it to look like all the other misshapen toy items suggestive of a creature but not resembling anything. they're arty but these just look wrong, and they remind me of Roland Rat (remember him?)

What's New?
A book review of a new publication which partners the designer of the mouse family and Tracy Ullman (the comedienne)

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