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Hookorama is out
I've got a few projects in this book. The flowers are my patterns I also crocheted some other small items and carried out some pattern writing.

Up until now I've not been able to put them up as FOs. It seems like a lifetime ago but here are the items I designed (below). A Lily of the Valley, carnations, daisies, poppies. I also made some blackberries and leaves.


Mary-Lou said...

Pretty flowers! Thanks for the comment on the website btw, and sorry I haven't yet got back to you. I'd definitely agree with you about KSH, it's a complete and utter pig to work with (but slightly easier to crochet with than to knit, I think). Originally the KSH curly whirly was going to be one of those long floaty knitted lace scarves / stoles, but I hated using it so much, I had to rip it back (very slowly!) and do something else with it instead ...

noblinknits said...

wow they look great. cant believe it took so long! keep an eye out for "knit your own" for me and did you get a copy of the book annarella is in?

don't know why im commenting on such an old post - should just email you!


stephanie said...

this is the only website that i could find that had something to do with hookorama (that wasn't trying to sell me the book). if you could help with a pattern in the book or possibly direct me to someone who could. i would be eternally grateful!just so you know it's the flip-top mittens (there is no gauge!)i'm going crazy!

Erssie said...


Your profile is not available so I can't contact you personally.

Do contact me erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk with your mittens problems and I will do my best to help. If I can't, then I can contact the designer of the gloves to see if she can help.