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The Anticraft Magazine - Samhain Surprise

At last my pattern is in the Samhain issue of The Anticraft, better late than never! The Anticraft 'surprised' me by publishing their issue early as I was working on this but they decided to have my pattern put in later as a halloween surprise.

The beautiful face of Silvanus was adapted from a chart from my favourite book Enchanted Knitting
by the Catherine Cartright-Jones and Roy Jones team. How I would like to be in touch with that pair, does anyone know where they are?

For anyone who deosn't know the Anticraft, it is one of my favourite online magazines. It is the only one for which I can say I am proud to donate free patterns. Their house style tends towards the darker side of knitting but does include a degree of altenrative belief systems like Paganism. Even at their darkest moments there are tongues hiding in the sisters' cheeks. I also like the idea that this magazine is not just a knitting magazine, it incorporates anything which has been crafted and is original work. They publish issues 5 times per year in keeping with Wiccan Sabbats/Celtic Festivals. next issues are:

Imbolc 2007 issue (publishes Feb 1)
Beltane 2007 issue (publishes May 1)
Lughnasadh 2007 issue (publishes Aug 1)
Samhain 2007 issue (publishes Nov 1)
Imbolc 2008 issue (publishes Feb 1)

They also have a book brewing. I wish they had time to do a Yuletide version though, we need an antidote to nativity scenes and a reminder that Christmas did not originate with the Christians. Not that I am anti Christian but that Christians are anti Pagan.

You can find the free pattern for my ba
g here http://www.theanticraft.com/archive/samhain06/silvanus.htm


noblinknits said...

Wow, that is very cute looking, in a demonic kinda way

Woolly Wormhead said...

Yey! Your bag is up :)

Are you submitting something for the book? I'm working on a design right now, hence me hiding in my bubble...

Agreed, something to counteract Xmas would be cool.