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Ice Baby Beanie

Not all Grey Days are Dull.......

I had less than 2 days to come up with a little gift for my pregnant friend when I realised that everything I have in my 'babywear' cupboard was either gender specific or biker knitwear. This hat was perfect, I did actually draw up the chart myself in XL but have realised, it looks very similar to a lot of other snowflake borders on kids hats but perhaps that is because in order to fit onto a little hat, geometrically this is the maximum and most simple shape of this kind that can fit. Never mind, it only took 10 mins to draw a snowflake and a couple of floats in between.

The yarn is hand dyed, Hip Knits 100% Silk in Grey and Silver donated to me by Kerrie, I only used a tiny part of each skein so plenty left for other baby stuff.

Watch out for the free pattern of this on the Hip Knits website as I donated the pattern to them in return for the use of their yarn. This could work just as well in blues or pinks if you wanted to be gender specific. It is quick and easy to do and perfect for a beginner.


sarah-Hope said...

Lovely hat, Erssie! The colors are beautiful, and I imagine the silk will feel lovely to baby. I'll be looking for that pattern--and I'll check my LYS for the yarn.

I just spent my day writing up and posting four hat patterns that are all variations that sprouted one from another. You know how it is--you start designing the next pattern as you're knitting the current one up.

I did start reading my copy of The Last Witch Finder after reading your review and am lving it. I was up with it till past midnight last night.

Best wishes,


Abi and Chris said...

lovely hat!

i bought interweave knits and there are a fair few bloggers with patterns in there. some are very good looking but others just look bad on the models and that is offputting.

i'll be in chacago soon and will be able to send you a proper email with some photos