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For The Love of Yarn.........................

This hat pattern is up in the Spring issue of the magazine For The Love of Yarn.
It is a hat I made for baby Willow nearly two years ago, I can hardly believe how quickly that time has gone! Anyway, those of you who have viewed my gallery will have seen this hat before, it is ver
y simple to do but what really made it at the time was the yarn. I made it in Debbie Bliss Cotton silk Aran which felt heavy and rich and satisfying.

The exciting thing is that I still have a massive box of assorted shades so if anyone wants to make a bag or a cushion cover or a spring hat, this yarn is ideal. I am open to offers per ball and and also open to offers of a yarn swap. Email me erssiemajor@yahoo.o.uk or leave a comment (with a link back to you) if you would like a ball of this cotton silk yarn.

And here is a little PS to Noblin Knits. C'mon there is loads of room for you in our very knitterly world, and if there wasn't, I would nudge up and give you a seat anyway!. Can't wait to talk to you about all the knitterly gossip and see some of the yarns you might have collected on your travels and hopefully by the time you get home, I will be able to tell you about my own project which is ongoing although I am managing to get involved in some small bits and pieces in between.

Just make sure you don't give yourself RSI when you get home swatching all your goodies. there...do you feel better now little Noblin? Also, look at my hats, so simple Beginners stuff, I am never going to go all Eunny-ish on you. Her stuff makes me feel like I knit my stuff with my feet, she is good isn't she? She might find she gets bogged down with being the ed of Interweave and not do the fiddly stuff any more. Or, like me, she will have to farm out to knitters. My knitters are wonderful, I am so lucky to have found Heather and Melina and they will be invaluable to me over the next few months or so. I am itching to knit and at last have a juicy project to get my teeth into. Looks like my blog is going to go all mysterious though and show other people's knitting again.

My heart sank when I got all excited thinking you would be home in April and then read that you've got more NZ followed by a month in the States and somewhere else. You're never coming home are you? If not, tell me where you are and I will fly over and visit!


Annarella said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! & much luuurve xx

noblinknits said...

We are back in the UK on the 26th May and I am so excited about coming home it make s me a bit weepy. On the way I'll see the grand canyon, my good friends Tim and Charletta who recieved the wedding shawl and scarf, and Rachel from Angelknits in NY. Thanks for your care!!!!!