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OK, it has been up for a while, but I can't help commenting on the patterns in the on line magazine Crochet Me. The photos here are my favourite. I always love the work that Carol Ventura does, beautiful objects that are useful as well. Just look at the project above, a beaded cup that looks as good inside as it does outside. See below for the pattern that is made inside the cup.

My eye was also drawn to the crochet socks, they are cute and not as lumpy as you would imagine crochet socks to be. I also think that green apron is unusually delicate, it is more like a pretty halter top.

I will have to work on some croch
et designs later this year. I might go for a few refresher sessions with Ruth Paisley who also has a crochet design in the current magazine Yarn Forward (in which I also have a design this issue,a baby cardigan) but it looks like we will have to wait a little longer for that issue. It isn't anything to do with Kerrie having a baby or being busy by the way, it is because she has genuinely been let down by her 'suppliers'.

Despite having a manic time, Kerrie has taken the time to donate some yarns for special projects of mine as well as letting me keep some of the yarns I didn't manage to sell last year. I am very touched and I will have to think of something I can do in return. If any of you don't know Kerrie Allman, she is the editor of Magknits, Yarn Forward, an author on a book project, MD of Hip Knits Yarns and Sew Hip Fabrics, she dyes, she spins and she has just had her third child and many more things I've probably forgotten (oh yes she runs workshops and she has a shop and runs knitting groups there) Do check out her blog and her new baby as well as all the yarns she has for sale. You can find her at www.hipknits.co.uk or www.kerriesplace.co.uk.

I have always wanted to have an on line magazine myself, and then I had a thought, what is actually stopping me from putting up free patterns perhaps every quarter? I should have enough patterns of my own, with other people's contributions (perhaps something they wish to promote) to be able to at least put up a newsletter with free patterns once in a while?

However, I am not at all sure if there is anyone out there that passes through this blog. I do tend to write it for myself, its a bit like the diary I kept for 5 yrs as a child where I used to put in little sketches and entries that said things like "I had my hair cut and it looks like this I Hate it I HATE IT! There was a phase I went through as well where I used to put a little treble clef on the days I had practised my music and there was even a phase I went through where I wanted to be a Catholic (yeah yeah I was seduced by the smell of incense) when I used to make a note of my sins just in case I needed to confess!

On that note, I will stop blogging tonight for fear of giving away all my inner secrets. Hang on, no-one reads this anyway so it shouldn't matter should it?


Jo said...

I've been lurking here for a little bit and have been enjoying your blog and posts, I only wish I was a bit closer to London and could make it to your groups too, but I have my own group here.

Zabet said...

thpppt! *I* read it! AND I love it!