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My website gets a mention in Simply Knitting this week, which is exciting. This is the third time in 6mths that Erssie Knits has been featured in one way or another in Simply Knitting so thanks to them for the exposure. I am always happy to get more traffic coming through not because I care so much about getting more business but because it makes putting my work into an orderly fashion all worthwhile. It takes a while to get into the swing of writing a regular blog, displaying current work, writing reviews of products as well as film, TV and books. I do wish there was more time to show tutorials, especially in video form as these are invaluable for technique.

Actually, you may have noticed a slight change in that www.erssieknits.com rather than going to the normal Erssie Knits Gallery directs you here. This is because I have a brand new website under development but all the usual services of Erssie Knits are unaffected and you can access my gallery of works on the sidebar here as well as go straight to my Etsy shop if you need to. This blog contains access to free Erssie Knits patterns and tutorials as well as other craft site links. When the new website is ready it should incorporate the Etsy shop, the gallery, the blog, patterns and tutorials for sale or download as well as news and events all under one umbrella rather than having separate addresses.

I had a quick peek at my designer's variations on the Erssie Knits logo last night, cannot wait to use the Gothic version for my biker knits! We are keeping the retro style logo though because it has been so useful when reproduced either in a magazine as part of an article or on a T-shirt or mug and when I flicked through Simply Knitting yesterday, I had no idea there was going to be a review of Erssie Knits and it was the tiny logo on their copy of a screen that caught my eye when I did my initial fast flick through so we are keeping that and the general layout for the photo part.

If there is anything you would really like to see or would find useful on a website (about yarn crafts of course) then do let me know and I will try to incorporate it. You might want competitions, or forums, or a chance to do yarn swaps (far too much wastage going on) or link to charities that use knitting as fundraising. Whatever it is you'd like to see or even what you'd prefer not to, just let me know and if we don't do it now, we might think about it as a future project.

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