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I have been planning a new website which will incorporate everything I need for ever such a long time now. My biggest problem is that everything moves so fast, my needs keep changing. Anyway, as erssieknits.com is so badly out of date with regards to my work, I have now opened a Flickr
account until I can put up the new photo gallery. If you haven't seen my work before have a look. Not a lot of big items there but a lot of small projects I have been working on in the past year.

I've sorted it into published, unpublished and adaptations of other designers work and I will make it clear now, when I adapt or use an existing pattern I do so for personal projects as any no
rmal hobby knitter. I only use designs for which I am totally responsible for commercial use and I design these items from scratch, I don't believe in dreaming up a pattern and using other patterns in order to pinch shapings from it although I hear that many people do. I also stay clear of anything that conceptually would tread on the toes of my colleague designers.

Anyway, you will find my new sets of photos here:


Enjoy and Happy Easter

Oh yes...I have just found this photo of a cushion cover I designed for The Art of Knitting magazine. I had forgotten about it until something else triggered my memory. There was also a green ve
rsion but a wrap around design with round buttons. The buttons and the right angled button flap reflect the squareness of the whole. The yarns are the Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk held together with some Sublime Mohair in a similar shade. I was lucky enough to get to use these yarns last year before Sirdar released them and was pleasantly surprised at their quality. What a shame I couldn't keep the cushion cdover though, I could do with one. Actually I am having one made but it will be very different from this one.

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noblinknits said...

All those lovely books from amazon make me feel like such a fraud. Wandering over to see Eunny Knit didn't help (new editor of IK congrats to her). Perhaps you should blog about there being room in the knitting world for everyone to cheer meup.