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Bath Accessories for the Disabled, people with Short Arms/Limb Reduction and People who suffer from nerve pain and cannot use normal towelling flannels

Right, if any of you are at all squeamish, stop reading now! I am going to mention something I don't normally talk about, but I am hoping if I am open about this difficult subject, it might be of use to other people. what has this got to do with knitting? Well, knitting has inadvertently come up with an answer to a long standing problem.

OK here it is. Due to damage to tissue in both my arms, I am unable to extend them, supinate (turn upwards) or flatten my hand. this has caused a lot of bathing problems and embarrassment as I have been unable to reach my nether bits in order to bathe. I have experimented for a while with different equipment, once waited nearly 3 yrs for an assessment by an occupational therapist thinking thy were bound to have equipment. Yeah they did, it was a net sponge on a plastic stick, difficult to manipulate and very abrasive. Several strap flannels have also been a problem, and even a soft cotton flannel seemed too much!

So I have set out to solve this problem, and have found that provided you can loosely grip on some loops or tags, or if you have no hands put loop over an arm then I have a knitted item that helps.
It is like a longish strap knitted out of a soft material and is perfect for looping between the legs and washing certain bits without being abrasive or difficult to manoeuvre.

It isn't perfect by any means, but it does help. For anyone who has a similar problem, I am willing to knit one of these for you for free and you can test run the pattern, and give me feedback for improvements.

I will not be making the pattern available publicly yet, but will let those who are interested know if it gets published by myself or anyone else.

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