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Books, more books.............plus a little giveaway

There are a couple of friends' birthdays coming up, as well as Valentine's Day so I took the chance I had on my way back from hospital to shop and of course, couldn't stop myself looking at books.

I have just finished Janet Street-Porter's biography Baggage mentioned in an earlier review
. It is a memoir of her childhood written with a touch of bitterness balanced by her witty humour. Now I like to share my books, so this is a little giveaway,if you can send me a stamped addressed envelope suitable for:
Parcel/packet 306g, 130mm x 200mm and 205mm depth I will post you a 2nd hand copy of this book if you are a first time receiver of one of my 2nd hand books Email me erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk to get an address.

The books I bought today were:

The Book for Dangerous Boys
A modern day Boy's Own Annual and perfect for my brother who is a father of a little boy and will need to know about scout boys knots, naval signalling, constellations and historical pirate flags in order to answer my nephews questions once he starts to talk.

The Interpretation of Murder (Paperback)
Jed Rubenfeld

The Testament of Gideon Mack (Paperback)
James Robertson

The Girls

Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, they were all half price because they were chosen by the Richard and Judy book club. Now, over the past few years, people of an academic persuasion have been severely put off by this media-hyped selection of popular fiction, they perhaps would prefer to throw in the words 'Man Booker' . I can't help saying though that the book club on Richard and Judy helped me when I was very ill and depressed and incapable of any practical activities. When you are low on energy from a chronic illness and in a lot of pain, you can't even drag yourself to a computer let alone go to a book shop and actually feel fired up enough to make choices about what to read. So I was thankful that someone else had made a selection for me, I picked one or two things off the list with reviews I liked even though the actual books were those that I would never have gone for, either because the blurb on the back was dire or the 'package' didn't look good. I found some real gems and passed them on to my sis-in-law who read them for her book group in New Zealand. So, thanks to Richard and Judy who gave me a stepping stone back to a world I enjoy.

Now I am much better, I still like to see what they have selected, I don't approve of everything they read but I usually find one or two things off their winter collection that are unusual and most enjoyable.

I do love classics, I do love well written novels but I try to choose my books for sheer enjoyment and selfish indulgence and not for snob value. I pride myself as well on being able to choose books to suit the differing personalities of family and friends. Actually, a little bit of gossip, I once had a wee fling with someone who went on to become an author of a book I bought for my other half to read and didn't remember until I saw a full page photo of him inside the cover, it was quite a jolt I can tell you! Strangely though, his biog claims that he was most definitely gay from the age of 12 onwards. However, I can vouch for a little bit of heterosexuality in his life (not much though and I'm not going there!)

For anyone who hasn't come across them and loves reading classics and knitting too, you should log on to www.knittheclassics.com. A group that aims to bring the two together by holding forum discussions about a book whilst working on a knitting project that could be suitably linked to the book. Sadly, although I could come up with ideas and inspiration, I just don't have time to get involved. I have promised myself as well that I must do more 'me, me, me' knitting and try to build up a library of experimental swatches and techniques like tucking, pleating, darting, gusseting etc. I want some creative control over my shape (no I am not dieting, just draping my knitting that's all).

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