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The Anticraft Imbolc Issue

The new issue of the Anticraft is up, go and have a look. I know they have been exceptionally busy on a book project and so hadn't been expecting to see an issue pop up so soon!

My favourite projects on first glance are The Beanis (beanbag rudey bits) and A Petticoat For All Times (a petticoat you could quite easily travel back to the 1500's,1600's, 1700's, 1900's in and not look out of place - unless like in The Time Traveller's Wife you find yourself unable to transport anything material back except your own skin and bones!)

Talking of the Anticraft, here is a version of the Silvanus Bag by Anna Ault. I do believe it might be better than the original. Which is exactly the reason I like to write patterns. Since having restricted abilities due to the 'arms problem' I find that I get much more satisfaction out of designing and writing patterns than I do out of making things as my making skills are at best average!

Doggie update - We went to look at the 2yr old Doberman up for adoption because his owners are expecting a baby. Sadly, we found him to be immature and very anxious in his temperament. He does not trust 'strangers' and although we were expecting him to be wary, we were not expecting him to snap at us unprovoked and then to receive no form of correction for it. Although we have the ability to train this out of him and to get him socialised and grown up, we also felt that we didn't have the extra time or energy to do this at the moment. We deserve (after last year) to have good times with a dog and there are plenty of adult dogs who could be given a home that don't have a personality problem. If we ever got a Doberman, we would probably get a puppy as badly trained we feel that this breed could be dangerous in the wrong hands and you need to get a dog out of bad habits at a young age before it becomes big enough to overpower you.

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Anna said...

Wow - my photo's gone international! I had a lot of fun knitting Silvanus - I'd never knit colorwork before and this was good project to start on.

Thanks, Erssie!