Welcome to Erssie Knits

To see my new website, and find patterns to download and more go here to the Erssie Knits website

If you would like to go to one of I knit's club nights, the next one is at the Phoenix Pub, Cavendish Square nr Oxford Circus (London of course) on 18th March. I will be going, hope to see you there.

Do have a look at Gerald's site, he is doing so well. First of all he has got Men to Knit, not an easy task but he's done it. He also has a friendly LYS and lots of community events. This is what I would like to have seen for Angel Knits but first of all we need members to come along to our night regularly. Do email angelknitslondon@gmail.com if you would like to register your interest or come to The New Rose pub on Essex Rd on Tues nights from 6pm onwards.

To regular members, do email me if you are coming along and I will put the details up on the blog. I feel that if we knew if other AKers were committed to going along, then others would be encouraged to turn up and numbers in the winter months would increase. I am guilty of not being a regular attendant but I do have health problems, Knitting projects I am not allowed to show in public which are consuming my time, I do live just outside of London and it can take up to 2hrs to get there and really it is a big deal for me to go all the way there to find no-one else is there!

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