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Boxy Beanie

I wanted to finish another project within February for the February Fair isle knit along so came up with this really simple boxy retro pattern. Ideal for beginners. I think I might make a pair of mittens to match and give the pattern away to people who want to have a go at their first colour work project.

Spot the not so deliberate mistake! I merrily fitted in my paired decreases this morning whilst eating a bowl of muesli/yoghurt and drinking a cup of coffee. Oops my boxy top developed half a round that shouldn't be there. I will try to pull it out and correct it before the end of Feb. I just don't want another colourful hat that has a plain top though so determined to feed the pattern out of the 'triangles' to show beginners how to work colour and shaping at the same time.

Mmm I wonder how I will do my thumb on the mitten though? I like to insert a gusset to ease my thumb in rather than just leave it as an after thought but that might involve complications if I want a plain thumb and a patterned mitten in the round. What are your favourite/most comfortable thumb constructions? What would be easy for a beginner?

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Stefanie said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today! As you say, I'm thrilled that things are going well, but yes, time management, and all the outside influences that affect what we do...health, deadlines, working with other people...they can really make it hectic.