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So many projects I hadn't planned for!
and still looking for good knitters to help me out................

I had been planning to have a bit of a rest from knitting so that I will be fresh and perky on my trip to New Zealand. It hasn't worked out that way and at the moment I have been knitting from dawn to dusk to get projects finished in time. Luckily all of these projects have involved a designing element and a couple of them have been proper print magazines so by Christmas I will be well and truly published.

As I keep saying, I am looking for knitters who can work to a specific gauge, it hasn't been easy. A lot of people have beautiful neat knitting but it just doesn't work for me if I have designed something for a specific size and the knitter doesn;t sue the same gauge. I've got a bag project that requires an experienced Fairisle knitter and I'm willing to pay £40 plus for a knitter to knit it up to go into the Anticraft (www.theanticraft.com) magazine on line. It involves working to a detailed chart although there are only 2 colours and there is stranding not intarsia.

All my knitters have to take a little test, it involves swatching and filling out a short questionnaire. If you;d like to see it just for your own amusement then drop me a line in an email and I will forward it to you. I've also got info sheets on how to work to gauge and instructions on increasing and decreasing. I am planning to put together sheets like this for an Erssie stitch library involving photographs or video clips. It will go on my new website which is still under development.

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