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Here is a mini project I completed for The Little man (Harvey). He is like my step great nephew which makes me feel a bit old. The idea of the scarf was that when my Dad (grumpy gramps) and Jeannie his partner take The Little Man along the sea front in winter, his scarf will be secured with a keyhole design and buttoned down for safety reasons so that he can't pull it too tight. The yarn was leftover Rooster Almerino Aran which I love and is totally different from DB Cashmerino Aran or Alpaca Silk (it doesn't seem to 'pill' for a start). Although I do love the idea of Rooster's modern/vintage palette, I do find it a bit restricting design wise when I'm looking for very specific colours and a substitute won't do. I would choose a colour in their range for myself but my recipients want variety. I've also come across another lovely little find, a Jaeger yarn that was never released called Shetland Aran (20% alpaca/80%merino), it is a bit courser but has that satisfying woolly stability and I just want to bury my nose in the sheepy scent of it! I can understand though why this wasn't released as it being a bit courser than other alpaca/wool blends brought out at the same time, this perhaps didn't compete. I've bought a fair few skeins of it in vibrant colours for a crochet blanket that will be all mine.

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