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Coldharbour Mills Yarns

Coldharbour Mills is a working wool museum and I visited it on my way back from Devon. Sadly, I arrived at an awkward time to do the tour but bought some good wool yarns in the Mill Shop where I learned that the mill is shortly to close their doors to the public. I was disappointed and was pleased to hear though that they will continue to spin yarns in a good basic range of shades. It isn’t the softest Merino in the world but it is a good basic hardwearing yarn available in a variety of weights. The shiniest of these is the Aran weight Tartan Green, a colour that is reminiscent of pine trees i.e. a deep shade of green with a hint of blue to it. Luckily for me the mills conduct a mail order business and with a single request, they gave me yarns Free of Charge to work with on a design I am doing for this Samhain issue of the Anticraft

I panicked slightly today when I found that this issue is already up on line but the Anticraft have assured me it is an early publish and that they will include my design for a…………(wait and see) later this month. All I can say at the moment is that it is going to be demonic and detailed and possibly felted as I think the 100% Pure New Wool from Coldharbour will be ideal for that purpose.

My Very Special Birthday Gift

It was my birthday recently. I am now at an age when I want to freeze the number, no more birthdays please! However, my other half went out of his way to buy some extra special gifts, one of them being a beautiful wooden swift from the Hand Weavers’ Studio in Walthamstow. Here is a picture of me enjoying that spinning action. I just know that it is something that is going to grow old beautifully (unlike me) as the wood on the spindle becomes smoother with use. Also thanks to Claire Montgomerie ‘Monty’ a textiles artist and knitwear designer who has been there for a lot of my knitting/crochet queries and has always replied so quickly and honestly.

My partner Stevie who had no idea what a swift was, popped into Loop and spoke to Claire who sent him in the right direction for a very thoughtful gift. Here is a pic of me using it, I know it is blurred it is an action shot innit?