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New Earflap Baby Hat and Mittens
Here is new design for Hat and Mittens in self striping sock wool. The advantage of using a sock yarn is that it is stretchy so if you get the original size right you can knit a hat for your little one that grows with them. Also, sock wool is very hard wearing and has been treated so that it doesn't felt when agitated or machine washed. I love the range of coloutrs in the Regia sock yarns, I worked really hard to make sure the colour repeats were identical on each earflap and mittens.

I have knitted a few other baby hats and socks in self striping sock yarns, the pink one is Regia Crazy Colour 6ply shade Passion, the blue one is Socka Big Mexiko Aran shade blue/black and the pixie hat is in Regia Crazy Colour 6ply Bonbon. See my website http://www.erssieknits.com
I am planning to publish these patterns next year

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noblinknits said...

that looks great! glad things are going so well but remember - you can say no to things if you don't have the manpower!