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La Calaverita
The Anticraft Samhain 2008 issue

At last this is up, my pattern for a 'Little Skull' bag to fit in with the dia de los muertos theme. As you know, there were several skully type things in this issue of the Anticraft submitted by Erssie; skellie socks, hourglass ankle socks, hourglass knee socks, Calavera Naranja chart, Skull & cherries chart (which also was adapted for the cover of this Bones issue) and now, this bag.

You can download the pattern and charts from here.
The chart looks like this, with three colour options.
The yarns are King Cole Merino 4ply so you can use up your odds and ends of sock yarns.

The skulls charts were a smaller version of the large chart, mainly because my poor old hands couldn't cope with such a large project in such a short space of time and also because I knew people were in need of little bags for their runes, charms and tarot cards and this gives a basic size that can be adapted for this use. I do have some Rune Charts in progress, to put onto the bags so watch out for those.

I am using this little bag as a lavendar sachet in the other half's wardrobe. He needed an anti-moth device but wasn't taken with the usual floral with ribbons types of designs you normally get for wardrobe sachets. I didn't felt the bag, so would suggest do as I do, and tie the lavender into a little muslin or cloth sachet and put inside the bag. That way it won't come through any gaps and is changeable at any time, so you could start with lavendar, and then put in secret little charms that he need never know about! No, no don't do that......remember the Threefold Law....!

I will never tire of skulls and skeleton designs and motifs but fear that some of you might, so for a moment, let me retire from skulls and move on to other areas leaving a trail of glorious skully patterns in my wake (I mean like a boat, not a funeral!)

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Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Your patterns are beautiful:)hugs Darcy