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Pearmain Fancy Ribbed Beanie

Here is the follow up hat from the same series as Rubinette

above is now ready to download for £1.50

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or substitute with a soft Aran/Worsted
Needles: 5mm dpns or circulars/knit in the round
Stitch Pattern: This is Beaded Rib adapted for the round, and the decreases are a custom fit so it neatly decreases in pattern right to the end.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL covers from teenage girl (20 inches) up to Men's (23 inches plus)
Style: Loose, modern beanie with optional slouch.

This is one of a set of loose modern beanies/tams that are quick knit but in a very easy knit and purl stitch. I specifically came up with a construction a beginner of knitting in the round could follow, and stitch patterns that don't involve complicated lace patterns. However, I was adamant that I was not going to do what a lot of people do with their ribbed beanies. Many patterns abandon the stitch pattern as soon as it comes to the crown, so with this, I forced myself not to think about it, to wing it when I got there i.e. not over intellectualise it, but allow it to come out of it organically. Well it worked. I managed to get each beaded column smoothly disappearing down to one stitch, whilst the purl sections disappear altogether.

It is a lovely crown, though I say so myself, and many thanks to Kate Blackburn who tech edited it, and test knitted it, as together we made sure that the decreases worked in each size with the correct written instruction.

There are some lovely Tams and Beret patterns out there but with complicated stitch patterns which might seem quite daunting to a person just starting out with dpns or circulars. However, knitters who have mastered knitting flat and want to progress to knitting in the round do not necessarily want to be knitting in stockinette or plain rib.These stitch patterns are inspired by forgotten easy textured patterns from vintage stitch sources. Many of these stitches look a little ugly in their scratchy wool swatches of yesterday, especially in black and white. However, you must try them and see the overall pattern, and you will agree that they are best not forgotten. Some of the overall knit and purl stitches can be quite rigid and tweedy, but I have used their 'twiggy' nature to make Tams with a sturdy stitch that still drape.

The theme of the whole set is apple varieties.
So far there is Rubinette (a rosy red variety) in a checks pattern, shown here on the right
Rubinette is re
ady to download for £1.50

Coming soon there is:
Launcelot a tweed/herringbone stitch Tam, that I am working on at the moment inspired by the Lancelot of Camelot who fell asleep under this variety of apple tree whilst some enchantment was afoot. The tree has a very dense criss crossing of twiggy stems and that inspired me to find a stitch of the same nature.

Starr a star stitched Tam and
Pippin, stitch pattern to be confirmed.

I made each one from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran because that has the best drape and soft luxury that you would want to put into a gift hat.It takes about a day or two to knit this....so there is still time before Xmas to knit one as a gift!

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