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Winter Knitty

Winter Knitty has been up for a while, but I haven't had time to comment on it yet. The cover is stunning; the model for Bijouterie by Romi the jewellery designer, is outstandingly attractive, as is the jewellery.

Here are a few of my favourites from this issue.

Fernglade is a pretty beret, it looks good on although I would like to see a greater difference between the 'slouchy' on the left and the 'slightly less slouchy' on the right.

However, I still feel Woolly Wormhead has the edge when it comes to designing a beret that behaves exquisitely when it gets to the centre down to the very last stitches. I am fussy like that and trying to train myself to try several different ways of decreasing when I get there, as what you plan and what works out can be different things and a happy accident is the goal.

For quirkiness and kiddy factor I like these fish head hats.

This is a another wonderfully quirky pattern for slipper socks.
I can imagine all sorts of furry creatures that could be made in this style and can remember craving some Dougal slippers (from The Magic Roundabout) in the 1970's. I didn't get any but years later I got a Dougal and Ermintrude Puppet.

I love this design Everybody Knows by Weaver knits. She has deconstructed everything to to give the most basic of designs, in the most basic of stitches and has punked it up with some dropped stitch sections.

Despite its complete simplicity it still holds onto a structured tailored look given by a bit of ba
sic shaping but also the rigid nature of garter stitch. Simple, but effective I think.

Lastly, I was attracted to these socks because I am into crochet at the moment, and thought Wow Knitty has started accepting crochet! However, on closer inspection I see that it is a Roman type of textured stitch making the surface look similar to crochet stitches. An interesting colour pattern too and suitable for gentlemen or ladies.

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