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Free Knitting Classes...Coming to a Sofa Near Me

Anyone wanna come??????

I have finally cleared up my 'knitting room' (corner of it above) and in this organising mood, I have an idea of starting a new venture.

For a while I have been giving the odd knitting class here and there, but have not been able to get a large group at one time in one place and have had a lot of other commitments and I don't like to give lessons without a great deal of preparation and something to give away. Because of my publishing commitments, I decided to stop booking students.

However, I do enjoy meeting people and seeing the first sparks of enthusiasm for something I love. I enjoy the chat and gossip. I strongly believe that knitting has therapeutic values and I like to share m
y knitting skills.

I have also been missing my knitting group AngelKnitsLondon
as it is on a Tues night, same as dog training night and even before the dogs, it is a bit of hit and miss journey to get there and the last few times I went there were two of us, or just one of us.

So, I have decided to make a move towards starting a club local to me, which would be more than a club as I would be willing
to teach within it for FREE. I don;t want to tread on the toes of any professionals who need to teach for their bread and butter, but my group would be open to people with special needs of any kind and people on low incomes. The aim would be therapy but in an informal atmosphere and driven by members who choose what they want to learn at their own speed. These are the details, so spread the word.

Knitting For Therapy (group)

What is it?
It is a fee free knitting group session, to meet for discussions, learn new techniques and enjoy the therapeutic qualities of knitting or crochet.

Who is it for?
Anyone suffering from: Bi polar disorder, depression or other mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, fatigue, chronic pain, joint problems,
To include Deaf or Hard of Hearing people (I can sign BSL)
For people on a low income (including students)
Also for anyone who has problems with loneliness or confidence

What is it's aim?
For people to be able to drop in to knit and chat, and offload their problems in a caring atmosphere (I suffer from most of above 'labels'...yeah OK all of them at one time or other in my life) whilst at the same time, learn new techniques from beginners to intermediates levels taught by myself or other members. I will pass on tips for knitting as therapy and create an atmosphere where people can talk or just sit quietly with like minded people without fear of embarrassment. Members can choose a topic of their own they wish to learn and I will do my best to help them and share my resources.

What it is not
It is not a club that requires a membership fee nor does it have a requirement that members attend every session.
Although knitting is well known for its therapeutic effects this is not a medical course of treatment with a promise or guarantee of improvement in any symptoms or problems.
It is not a formal course of lessons, techniques are learnt as and when a member wishes to learn them.
It is not a place to stitch and bitch i.e. not a place where any form of bitching, bullying,belittling including offensive remarks with regards to people's knitting skills,projects, lifestyle or culture will be tolerated.
It is not funded by any charity or organisation, it will be provided for solely by Erssie, although she will do her best to encourage outsiders to donate free yarn or tools, or a venue.
It is not a place for the knitting industry to carry out marketing, although any donations or support from them would be welcome without prejudice

What is included:
I will provide needles (to borrow) and odd balls of yarns and leftovers.
Photocopies on request from my 100 or so textiles book for teaching purposes (that is allowed)
Help and advice on techniques and design
Some occasional handouts
Links to other clubs and activities
A chance to work on group projects and help others and feel useful again
A listening ear and a sympathetic shoulder
Some tea and coffee (members to bring their own biscuits/snacks)

All FREE of charge to members falling into any of the above categories, donations to charities or a tea,coffee and milk kitty welcome.
Bring biscuits,cakes,snacks

To start with, we can meet in my home, but if we end up spilling onto the streets due to vast numbers, I would look for a local venue.


Not yet fixed a time, this will depend on demand, but preferably stick to once per month (or more frequently if there is demand) on a drop in basis (no pressure for people whose problems might get in the way of commitment)
During the day would be good, but not necessarily if enough members still work and fall into above categories

I live in Enfield,North London so to start with here in my own home.
Later, if numbers rise, I would find a venue within this area at a pub, coffee bar or other.

How to join
Email erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk
and she will email an info sheet and short questionnaire (about preferred dates and times etc)
Once demand has been assessed, you will receive an invitation with a firm date
Places may be limited, depending on venue.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful group you're starting up! I'm afraid the commute would be too long (and too wet) for me to join, but I wish you all the best. :-)