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Happy Birthday To Me.................

Yes, it is my birthday, or was last week and above is one of my pressies, the Vogue Knitting book which contains the best of articles and features that have appeared in the magazines over the last 25yrs. So it contains gems by Meg Swanson, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Nicky Epstein and others. I love it. I do like the fact it contains some tables of standard sizes with measurements on that you don't normally find in dressmaking tables and are just perfect for sweater knitting.

It doesn't contain many glossy pics of designs, or any patterns as such, which actually is a welcome change. Just good old fashioned advice and tips and tricks.

I had hoped to make it to the V & A fashion couture exhibition for some vintage inspiration and a birthday treat, however, I just was not well. I had a few days in bed, and kept being sick and inhaling it...horrid! Probably reflux and need to go back on the drugs that make my food travel in the right direction.

I also got some much needed dpns for my birthday.

And I went to see the film Atonement. I greatly enjoyed the treatment of this novel by Ian McEwan. I had enjoyed the novel but it can leave you with a feeling of emptiness, there is such intensity at the beginning of the story and detail, and it all seems to be leading somewhere....and then? See it for yourself.

I have always enjoyed the writing of Ian McEwan, I remember back in the 1980's when I read his short stories his writing was generally thought shocking in the circles I was moving in. If you haven't read any of his books, try Enduring Love, which is a brilliant analysis of relationships with an absolutely thrilling opening involving a hot air balloon.

And Clara is born

Clara Kathleen Thorp was born last week, and I had already knitted the Ice Baby Beanie (pattern available with Hip Knits silk).

I also knitted this babyset, I know I rarely knit in pastels preferring to knit in brights or black for little babies whose parents just prefer more alternative clothes. However, Clara is such a traditional name and her parents love classical styles so I used Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino in pink and Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino in off white, but knitted on 4mm dpns and 3.5mm dpns giving a very stretchy knit.

The colours are very antique and far better than the Barbie type of pink.
It is a very straightforward pattern, however, if any beginner knitters contact me and want the pattern, I am prepared to write one up for hat and socks and put it up as a free download.

I also made this which is a very very easy ribbed beanie in DB Cotton Angora. Once again, I would write up the pattern and donate if anyone was interested. I tend to think though, that most people can manage to knit a beanie without a pattern.

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ambermoggie said...

happy last week birthday:)
Would love the pattern if you write it up please