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Erssie is on Ravelry!
My username is: erssie

Everyone is raving about this database. I had been on the list for about 2 weeks, but got my invitation today. As soon as I started to try to load my personal projects, I was quite excited to find out that 'Erssie' was already
on there, in that other people had loaded up theie projects made to my patterns.

Beltane Flame
Here is my original design

And here are some other versions that people knitted up from my free pattern

.......and even a Beltane Ashes version, I like this one

And a round version on circulars

A Maiden's Glory
Here is my original

And here is someone else's version

Bee hat and Bootees
Here is my original

And here are other people's versions

It is quite an exciting database. Now I wish I had thought of that first, Stevie and I should have got together to do this
years ago.

I suppose there is always room for a UK venture in the future. I like it to be worldwide, but the UK sometimes gets a bit dwarfed and we are a bit behind on being 'users' of this sort of facility. I still meet a lot of crafters who just don't see the need to be involved as they are too busy crafting.

So now, I have got yet another 'website' for which I need to do regular updating and data input! Never mind, at least Ravelry does link to this blog and to Flickr to save having to cross post.


Deborah said...

love that beltane ashes hat you have on the guy.

Erssie said...

I didn't have it on the guy, someone else knitted up these versions to my free pattern and put it on the guy, I think I hear he hasn;t worn it since.

Mine is the first one only

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Revelry! I've been on for a few weeks, but am only uploading things gradually.