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Pirate Gal Hat

This hat was a bit of a nightmare to make with the Cotton Silk. There is no flexibility in this yarn and it can look really crinkly. This put me off knitting another version, and I decided to leave it as an XL chart with the briefest of notes. However, some people have acquired this 'pattern' and had some succss with it, so that is good!

I would only find out these things though because of Ravelry. I bet people who are not on the beta test site are sick of hearing about Ravelry, that is all people are talking about at the moment!

I do love Ravelry, but it is addicitive, espcially the way people link to you so quickly and you can check progress of those using your patterns. However, it takes up a lot of knitting time.

I'm not sure what the red Bee hat and Bootees is doing on a doll though!

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