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Vogue - Knit Simple Holiday Issue

A hat and mittens set which I knitted in alpaca silk, then accidentally fulled in the washing machine, has come back to life. Well half of it has. Vogue Knitting ordered the hat for their holiday issue 2007 of Knit Simple and so the pattern is in there. It isn't modelled, but photographed flat, so I have put my own pic above just to show what it it is like when it is on. it is a very simple pattern because the cables are kept within a panel and the decreases take place afterwards on a plain stockng stitch section. This is the original in DB alpaca silk Rose

I did knit it with cables going right up to the crown and worked out decreases, then I realised I was overcomplicating the pattern, so kept it as it was on the original.

The tweed yarn that Vogue chose, showed off the cables but I preferred the feel of the alpaca silk yarn on my head (despite the fact that when it rained , I smelt like a barnyard!)

The hat is featured in the company of a dozen hats, all simple and quick knit. Buy the issue if you'd like the patterns.

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