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That time of the month......................

It is that time of year, month or whatever when I seem to be overwhelmed with my least favourite topic: Hospitals!

My father is in hospital having some very serious surgery as we speak and I have several appointments for my own condition this week. I don't wish to bore you with all the details but have put this up just in case an email gets sent to me and not replied to for a couple of days. I am still working away at my Anticraft projects, got 2 under the belt and half way through 3rd. I am still available for other work this week and will get back to any of inquirers as quickly as I can.

Erssie Knits' current two knitters meli and Heather have both completed their first projects for me for a new book coming out , can't give the whole details yet but this will be a fun book by Carol Meldrum involving knitted icons. Watch out for it later this year, probably in Sep.

I must say that due some good working ground rules and the professional attitude of both the knitters who contacted me and communicated over every uncertainty, this job ran a lot more smoothly than other jobs I have delegated. So, I am excited that despite my medical condition and drawbacks, Erssie Knits will be more of a success. The measure of my success will not be financial, it never is. The success will be the involvement I have had in interesting projects that are published or made public in some way and the ability for me to be involved in a community despite being housebound for a lot of the time.

Talking of publishing, I have something coming out in issue 26 of Simply Knitting
which I think is April's issue but really comes out in March. watch out for that.

I do still have opportunites for people wishing to commit to doing about 50 swatches at £10 per swatch (less 10%) so do contact me about that still.

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amy lamé said...

hi erssie
hope you and your dad are mending well!
just a little new year's note to say thanks for all the inspiration- and also thanks to Gerard's tuition at I Knit London, I have now completed 2 beautiful scarves! Next project TBC but i'm bitten by the bug so there's no stopping me....
bestest to you
x x amy