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To see my new website, and find patterns to download and more go here to the Erssie Knits website

I have plenty of paid work going for textiles people who would like to make my designs or other designers' work to be used in publications. Due to the confidential nature of the work I can't put up specifics here but if you would be interested in working with me and getting about £25 for a project that can be done in half a day then contact me through my email address erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk.

I will be delegating the work to people who can knit or crochet up to a professional standard and I would have to know your work or have proof of your competence.

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amy lamé said...

Hi Erssie shame I'm not quite up to pro standard yet! but can't wait to see your new designs My website is being redesigned and should be back up pronto and once it is i'd love you to put a little link from me to you, and likewise from you to me. Glad you had a nice time in NZ and keep up the great blogging- love it!
x amy