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There is a lot of work coming into Erssie knits at the moment. One of the jobs we have been offered involves knitting swatches for photography to be used as stitch libraries.

Some of you may not be interested in huge garments or other strange creations that might pop up but you may be a strong, steady knitter with an even gauge and a kn
owledge of a lot of stitch varieties or a willingness to try them if you are given the instructions. I can pay roughly £10 per swatch and an overall handling/admin fee of £10% of your earnings for the entire job i.e. one £10 swatch would mean a payment of £1 to Erssie Knits.

I will do all the invoicing, chasing
and procuring of work for you as well as supporting you with any problems you might have with the work. This is not the only job which has come in and I am always looking for knitters so whether you are available for just one small job or a variety of jobs, do contact me and I will keep you on my knitters file. In order for me to be your guarantor, you will need to answer a few knitting related questions via email and knit a few gauge swatches so I can see your work and assess your knitting tension.

Those wishing to take on any work, email me at erssiemajor@yahoo.co.uk
and use Helpforjobs as your subject.


Mary-Lou said...

Love the spider - it's terrific! Would consider doing the odd swatch for you (especially if they're as much fun as that!)

Erssie said...
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Erssie said...

Found these swatches on the web (ha ha) but didn't knit them myself