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Before......and After


Here is a truly ‘finished object’. I can’t begin to tell you how stupid I feel and for anyone wondering if alpaca silk felts well, it being a non wool fleece and having silk in it. The answer is yes!

I lost my favourite cabled alpaca silk hat. It has mittens which match and they all fit perfectly. I wore this hat whilst on the plane home from NZ and I thought I had lost the hat. Alas, poor hat had found its way inside another garment which has been washed and then dried in the tumble dryer. This morning, I unravel a hoodie and out pops a minute, stiff as a board shapeless pink thing.

However, I was thinking of redesigning this so that the decreases sit more perfectly with the cables. Also, I have always wanted a felted bowl so shaped the object around a saucepan and several bowls and have finally opted to dry it around this one.

So, when I re-knit this set do I want it to be alpaca silk, do you have any suggestions for a substitute or improvement on the design? What colour ways should I try now? Cashmerino chunky perhaps?

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