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Gothic Trio
New booklet with the three ex Anticraft patterns

£4 for all patterns

The patterns included in this collection were originally submitted to the Anticraft for inclusion in their book Knitting, Beading & Stitching for the Slightly Sinister.

Sadly the Anticraft book is out of print but I am able to offer these three patterns in this thirteen page booklet; Gothic Trio.

I have updated these patterns with two new charts which were not included in the original book and in addition have had the patterns re-edited by my technical editor to make the patterns even more accessible and in my own style. The errata on the original book have been corrected and are not included in these versions of the patterns.

The patterns are also available as single patterns but obviously downloading the whole booklet is cheaper and saves a total of £3.00

Belladonna Sleeves

£2.00 for a single pattern

Gothic Glam Yule hat

£2.00 for a single pattern

Pop Art Skulls Pillow and MP3 Players Pillow

£3.00 for both pillows pattern

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