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Valentine's Day

I had a bunch of roses, a box of chocs and a beautiful canvas with arty black and white photo of Lily (don't tell Dizzy) to put on the bedroom wall. This is not it, this is the photograph that Steve used to make the canvas which is huge!

He worked for hours on the eye so that the eye is coloured and has depth and it is funny to lie in bed and see Lily's beady eye looking at us. I have tried to take a few pics of the canvas, but the scale of it is just not coming out. I might have to borrow a dog to stand by it.

Also, my Valentine took me out to see Avatar in 3D. It was amazing! I was looking forward to seeing Avatar anyway but had no expectations of the new digital 3D as it required wearing glasses and I already have eye problems. I was expecting it to just give the fuzzy 3 colour outlines of 60's and 70's 3D.
However, I was truly amazed when figures seemed to jump towards me. Avatar is science fiction and based on a ficititious planet Pandora which is green exotic and beautiful and some of the sights really did seem to float in the air before us in front of the screen. I thoroughly recommend giving it a go and seeing something exotic as it really does enhance the film.

Anyway I have not made any new Valentines charts for today, but a year ago I made these charts to be used freely for personal use on knitting, crochet, stitching or tapestry.

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