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New Erssie Knits Card

Here is a new card from Erssie Knits. Raid Zero did this photo for my Valentine's canvas, and I liked it so much I put it on a card. Profits from the card go to Essex Greyhound Rescue service.


jackie said...

Hi Erssie,Hope you are feeeling well and getting lots of knitting done.This is a great card, it reminds me of my dog Onyx:-)she's 11 yrs old and is a black Lab/Dalmation mix, but who knows I have always wondered if she had some greyhound blood somehwere in her ancestry. I love her dearly.
Will you create any patterns in honor of the Olympics comig to London in 2012?

Erssie said...

Now....olympic patterns, that is a thought!

|I have not followed much of the publicity about it, but am looking forward to unveiling of the features.