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Designer Knitting (formerly Vogue Knitting)

Ever since SoHo Publishing changed the name of this mag for our territory, I still keep referring to it as Vogue.....and I think I am not the only one. I usually prefer the cover of the Vogue version too, and wonder if perhaps there are slightly different patterns included...does anyone know?.

Anyway, I got the Winter 2009/2010 today, and actually, it is a little more down to earth than normal. Sometimes I am wowed by sculptural work, but see it as a work of art and might not make it. In this issue, there are quite a number of tunic type sweaters, that I would wear. I picked out my favourite and of course, it is by Jean Moss and it made it to the cover on the Vogue version of the mag which I prefer.

I also liked this cabled tunic, isn't it beautiful...even photographed flat it looks interesting. The designer is Suvi Simola

I quite liked this striped hoodie. Its simple and classic, but a knitted shape that I think a lot of men would actually wear without feeling an idiot. I like this designer's work, his name is Josh Bennet from BoyMeetsPurl

What did I not like?
I wasn't particularly taken with the mittens designs. I didn't hate them, just as a colour designer myself who enjoys a little charting, I think I could have made them slightly more interesting....but anyway, they fitted in with the stories so they are not so bad....just not brilliant. One of the designers has done brilliant colour work before, and I thought this did not represent her best work.

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