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The Inside Loop

The Inside Loop was the British magazine featuring articles and patterns which were free to the readers. In order for them to have decent patterns, they paid fees to designers for their work. This however, had to be recouped by advertising and sadly in this economic climate, it just was not working out for them so the editors decided to close the mag.

I had one design in it which was reasonably popular; Ondine: Sleeves for a Mermaid modelled by Jennifer Gwiazdowski.

The pattern is now available via my Ravelry store and can be downloaded from there free until 31 January 2010. After January I will be selling this pattern for £2.00. I had to do this, because I needed to do more work on the pattern to reformat it and have it checked before putting it up again as it is now on my template rather than The Inside Loop. Nothing has been taken away from the original design but I have made it easier to download with the pattern on just one page and the rest of the details on the cover and back pages.

At the moment, I am beginning to feel that rather than free patterns being appreciated and attracting more business, the whole free thing is devaluing patterns. I spend quite a bit of money on my patterns not just in my labour but the modelling and photography and the testing and technical editing of patterns. I realise, that some patterns are more like personal notes but this is usually a quick process and does not guarantee accuracy. I can see how popular free patterns are by the number of downloads from my store, which is in the many thousands for the free patterns e.g. about 4,000 for a beret pattern that has been there less than a year....if only the ones for sale sold that well too!

However, I honestly don't think that the patterns which go through a professional process are heard above the noise. I will still leave the patterns that are on my store as freebies, free for the moment but if I have to take time out to update or reformat any patterns, then I will be charging for it.

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Sarah-Hope said...

I'm not selling pattern yet, but hope to. And I do buy patterns on line. My philosophy has always been that if it's something I could figure out easily with a stitch dictionary, I don't want to pay for it: i.e. cowls that are really just a tube in one stitch pattern with no shaping; scarves in a single stitch; straightforward socks with just one decorative stitch;wrist warmers with no shaping or without proper thumbs.

If I look at something and think "gee, I wonder how she did that?" or if I think I could probably figure it out but it would take a good bit of work—those are the patterns I'm happy to pay for.

I think you're right about patterns being devalued at the moment, but I also think that will change as people get more sophisticated in terms of recognizing when a pattern is worth paying for.