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Little Ravens....again

This is the naturals version. This time I went for a pompon and plaited ties and it cut down on the finishing time needed dramatically. I think that is the reason why so many Peruvian hats do have very thin plaits, far thinner than this, and also small bald pompons. it obviously cuts down on not only yarn costs but labour costs too. However, there is a demand for those cheaper types of hats...just because they are the ones being offered and so it is the choice of the knitter too (or the knitter's own kids, wanting one that does not look obviously home made or better quality...as they don't want to look different!)

The yarn is Sirdar Click chunky and when I first started working with this it felt ok....then it felt awful and looked crinkled but actually, it all seemed to work out in the end in blocking. I thought that although much cheaper, this would be my least favourite version of Little Ravens but now I have test knitted all three, this one is top of the list to wear. It is not a silky yarn and so it is not slipping and sliding but unlike a pure wool, I am not suffering from any allergy reactions.

This is the first time I have relied on some of my own test knits for versions and sizing although I am still having this tested for other accuracies. I normally get other knitters to do the test knitting and that usually greatly delays being able to get a pattern out there. I surprised myself, that once I had worked out the main pattern I could actually produce one of these quite quickly and do the colourwork by memory without the need to consult charts. Sometimes more time can be spent on giving support to test knitters than it can be doing the test yourself. So although I will still go ahead with the test knitting, I can see that after a week of organising the testing nobody has even started it yet so at least this way once tech editing is done, then pattern should be up next week some time.

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