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Got the Spring issue yesterday, and I wasn't as wowed as I normally am. However, it is filled with summery knits and mostly organic un-dyed cotton. Lovely to knit and wear, but not always exciting as photography...even textured knits can look a bit washed out. Also, in the UK I feel that the summer is when you really get to wear your proper knitwear, it can be chilly here and we haven't exactly had hot summers. So, a cardi or a sweater is perfect when winter coats are too hot. So what I am saying, is that summer is probably even more of a good reason to be knitting a warm and colourful piece of knitting. And what about picnic rugs? Knitted beach bags etc?

By the way, I got a mention in this issue....as Erssie Major designer of the POW scarf that went into Handknit Heroes. They gave a review of the comic book I designed a scarf for and I was surprised to read that the pattern was going to be re-issued in the next issue of HKH...that didn't sound quite right.;I had recently been asked for permission to re-use in a collection bumper book....perhaps they meant that.

I am spending quite a lot of time on my secret book project and looking at the photo galleries f test knits I have put up, I am itching to get those published, The delay between making something and getting it out there can be frustrating and my mind i already on the follow up books.

My other half has a friend who is a designer and layout artist who is keen to help out and I should take him up on that offer because it is not often that a man, and an arty one at that, actually considers knitting patterns worth working on.
Even if they have to admit that the my knitting and subject matters are quite cool (and not grannified) they still hesitate to get involved.

A bit like certain people I know who glaze over and don't regard my knitting as a proper job. I get a lot of that, people wanting to meet up with me during the day because I 'don't work' and when I say actually, I do, and I have to devote more hours to it than a normal 9-5 office worker it is usually disregarded or a friend will say, I know you're busy but I am sure you can stop knitting for a couple of hours....next thing I know they have arrived and a whole day is gone (or two if they stay overnight). Nothing infuriates me more than a person saying they have to work but on their day off, assume I can take the day off too...like I can ignore my publishing deadlines etc.

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