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TV and Film to Knit to.....

Needing to get a lot of knitting done is always the perfect excuse for curling up on a sofa and watching a film too. I recently got hold of a 2nd hand box set of the TV programme Shameless. It is warm, funny, violent and has a lot of swearing and drugs in it but it is so real! I love it! I am still only half way through so can thoroughly recommend buying box sets 2nd hand.

It is set on a fictional housing estate, the Chatsworth estate in Derbyshire.
About a single, mostly absent father (he's had 9 kids by series 6!) and his independently minded kids that keep themselves our of scrapes and out of the care system with lots of tears and laughs on the way.

If you have switched over when this programme starts, and have preconceived ideas of what it might be like do give it a 2nd chance. It only took me about 6 yrs to look at it properly and I am so glad I did! If you knit, then do expect to have to rewind if your eyes leave the screen even for a second as the edits are really fast and you musn't miss a moment.

We also have a 2nd hand box set of series 3 and 4 of Lost. As more and more episodes are viewed, I am not the slightest bit enlightened as to what is going on exactly but enjoy it nonetheless. This is another not so easy to knit whilst viewing programme though, as there are almost subliminal type shots that flash past so quickly, you can't be looking at your needles when it happens.

I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night out of curiosity, and felt it was a total waste of time, even knitting to it. I thought it might be some light hearted fun and a good film to knit to. However, the story seemed so childish I felt it should have been aired on a Saturday afternoon and I did not feel that it shed any light on the fashion industry at all. Embarassingly, for them, it was made in 2006 which is not so long ago we can make excuses for it!

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Rowan said...

really, I thought she looked better before her "fashion" makeover. and why, why did the world love this movie? but a movie spent knitting is never really a waste, right?