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New Photos & New skills

Raid Zero, which is Stevie's little bit of Erssie Knits and more, has been updating its tools, and learning new skills. Just after a couple of hours reading up though, the pictures are already amazing. Not knitting related I know, but what a difference! The colours are just amazing and the depth of the photos makes me want to step in.

I can't convey this to you as obviously the files are huge but I can show you just a little bit of what the right camera, lenses and filters can do in the hands of someone willing to learn all the tech stuff (and that is not me!)
but remember these are greatly compressed and totally unedited.

Here is a pic of the moon, it was so amazing on the big file we could zoom in and see the actual craters and surface of the moon...how wierd!

Then there is the lovely pics of my hounds on their new cushions, on the big versions I can see every hair and the sheen on the dogs coats.

And lastly a flower, just an overblown rose in our garden but the colour repro on that is spot on.

Can't wait to see what sort of pics we can get for the knitting. Although I am not looking forward to seeing every stitch close up!
After Steve has mastered the camera bit, we have just got to try and learn exactly how it all translates to print. I still haven't learned how to do layouts, perhaps a college course is overdue as I need a kick up the backside to do it really. Being ill a lot of the time, means it is really difficult to get out the house to go to things like courses but if it was local and I had transport, then perhaps I can at least try to get there but maybe not every single week.

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Anonymous said...

Oh those dogs are just adorable, beautiful pictures xxx