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Summer here at last!

After a couple of years, we now have something which properly resembles summer.
I'm in flip flops, thinking of ideas of what to do with my pure silk and cotton yarns.

On a Summer theme, I scribbled some
basic milkshake instructions down, mainly for 'him' because this is the first time since his cooking debut that he has owned a proper blender with a big glass jug. It just so happens, that I can make the perfect simple milkshakes using the correct proportions.

So here are my scribblings. Misspellings entirely intentional, so no emails correcting 'me gramma' please! There is one for a basic banana shake, and another for iced coffee or Iced Cappucino Shake.

I really should be knitting, still got a pile of socks and bags to get through and some sketching (erm it will be better than these scribbles honest)

I am pleased to announce that I have just been through my patterns, and updated the ones available for download. More white space was what was needed and some simplifying of instructions to make as few pages as possible.
They look neater and do have some coloured text, but that has been tested as a download, as a very rough draft and then as a photocopy of the draft and I can safely say the green does copy quite clearly. It looks more like this now.

This is a ver very rough scan of the Country beret (chunky beret pattern). The pristine pdf copy is free from here on Ravelry.

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