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New Shoes!!

'Scuse the chubby ankles and not quite the right shade of socks, but I just had to try these on whilst still in my nightwear and bedsocks. I love these shoes.
They are from the anarchic range of TUK . I really wanted the Lady Luck shoes, but alas none in my size so I now have my chubby little trotters in the Rock n Roll shoes. All I need now is a spotted skirt and quiffy thang! I love Mary Jane shoes, they make me fantasise about all the lovely socks I probably won't make to go with them.

I love this sole, with all it's little anarchy prints, and can't wait for some sand on the beach next month to make some marks.

Update: More new shoes
These are everyday wear 'em to death DMs, style is called Cissie
Socks are Tofutsies, my own pattern test knitted to the wrong gauge, then redone by me in the right gauge.


noblinknits said...

wow, i want some!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I'm with Abi! J'adore your shoe choices.

Erssie said...

Well, the best thing about these shoes was that I bought them on line and they fitted straight away.

I was sensible though, and ordered them one size bigger than I normally wear knowing that my feet swell and I want to wear more home made socks.