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New Gothic Me

I got really bored with my hair, and my image. I was a sort of light brunette, but with highlights of blonde and copper etc as you can see on my Avatar on the right.

So, on Friday, I went into the hairdressers and said....do what you want....as long as it is funky, punky, and bright (I mean really bright) and this is what I came out with. A base of dark brown with mahogany tones, and some bright pink/red stripes.

I am really pleased,
but fired up to go and have other colours added next time (blue green etc etc). I have it tied up here, but when it is down, it has the layers of red underneath and the top is mahogany brunette and it is massively chopped into so the same length as before, but with lots of shorter layers and pieces taken out ....I do think (like all the dark colours I have tired before on my light mousy hair) it might not last and will fade in the sun. I am almost scared to wash it!! It is versatile and can tie up in bunny ears like this, or single ponytail with lots of messy bits and clipped etc etc. I am told the colour should last me about 8 weeks, but my poor financial state means I usually only get a haircut and colour once or twice a year. I feel a bit of home colouring coming on. Not atl all very fitting for my age, when will I grow up....NEVER I hope.

I have been wearing makeup, but have been really good about wiping it off my eyes after the max time for wearing it has gone by (couple of hours according to my eye docs). Thought I would stick my black lippy and eyeliner on for a bit of fun, and Steve took a photo of me on his camera phone snuggling up to my favourite garden ornament.

And what am I knitting at the moment? Well, certainly some things that would go very well with this new hair do, for a certain website of alernative style fame, but I am not allowed to tell anyone yet.


noblinknits said...

Great hair!!!! I love it. I'm sure if the hairdresser didn't know you they would be concerned about doing anything more funky and bright purple because it is very funky and bright compared to most people's hair.

Zabet said...

LOVE the hair!

Jo said...

Your hair looks fabulous! Don't ever grow up!