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Holiday Socks, Knitting in Stocks
And a Museum that Rocks!

I had a fantastic two week holiday in Cornwall in a relaxing Blacksmith's Cottage in a private valley, I could have lived there forever and forever. I wasn't idle though, I managed to knit some socks for my Sister in Law in a Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock shade Devon. I used a variation on a mock cable rib and a standard Dutch type heel with a flap. I also knitted a pair of socks for myself in Lorna's Laces sportsweight shade Flames, and although you can't really see it here, it is knitted in a wide rib.

I don't often put up WIP as I prefer to show the finished blocked item, but here is an enormous sock for my partner. This is a standard ribbed sock in Artesano Hummingbird DK in shade Pheasant and is designed to be a close fitting high legged boot sock to be worn inside waterproof biker's boots. I did finish the first sock, but put this aside to work on some Tofutsie socks which has caused me some grief over the strange pooling that has occured. I am so happy knitting socks, I can understand why people keep going and specialise in these accessories.

As well as getting invloved in my own knitting, I also met a knitstrologist who writes the horoscopes for Knit 1 (Vogue) under the name of Pearl Wise (get it?) and I saw some cute little bags knitted by a local textiles artist.

I absolutely loved the knitted poppets I saw in the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle and read about the significance of knitting in casting spells. I am determined to knit some of my own poppets and supply a pattern to the Anticraft. We need a basic quick knit doll we can adapt for various uses. These uses being for binding and protection and not for malicious uses.

We also visited Bodmin Jail and were most amused to find an installation of a woman knitting in the stocks. she was sentenced to sit in the double stocks for a period of days, but passed the time pleasantly by knitting whilst her neighbour who had a bad leg screamed and cried the whole time. I will post some pics of the stocks when my holiday mate has finally got around to giving me the JPEGS (I stupidly forgot to take my own camera).

All in all I had a very relaxing and knitty kind of holiday. You would love the cottages hidden in a private valley with the sounds of Buzzards, Falcons and owls and the gentle watery sounds of a little stream whilst sitting in a private garden knitting like mad. I felt so happy there, I shed a tear or two when I came back to London and discovered chore after chore that needed doing, as well as the stress of my pro projects that need to get done.


ambermoggie said...

poppets, a great way to bring something into your life or to be rid of something. The act of knitting it is part of the magic. Focus on the choice of yarn, (check out google for what each colour is good for)
focus on the purpose through each stitch you knit.
Always remember though what you send out comes back thrice(three times) so any negative thought or banishings reflect back on you:)
Hope that helps
Amber who is writing a book on same:)

Erssie said...

I have my old books with colour significance. Last time I used a poppet it was made from wool but not knitted, just wound like a corn dolly. And I used it for binding, a particular person who was badmouthing me so really it meant, the more they complained about me, the more they got it bounced back (threefold I hope)

Jo said...

Lovely to see you back and glad to hear yo had a great holiday!

Lesalicious said...

I know your sister has to love those socks they cute and look comfy. Glad to read you had a nice 2 holiday week great to get away sometimes:)