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My Holiday Pics

I have finally got around to copying the photos from holiday. Here they are. I feel homesick for Cornwall already. Needless to say quality time with the pooches and relaxing knitting time were the best ever. Will I ever be able to move back home to my beloved West Country?

Above is the cottage we stayed in and our 2 relaxed hounds. See more of their holiday antics here

Also, we visited Bodmin jail,
and there was a rather ropy historical
installation of two women
in the stocks, one of who
knitted the hoursaway
(a true story)

We didn't get onto the beach much, with one of the hounds having an ulcer in his paw the sand was not such a good idea. There was a lot of lounging around on the bed reading. I read The Other Boleyn Girl Phillipa Gregory, and I am ashamed to say, I had avoided this book expecting a trashy historical romance and yet I was absolutely riveted and in awe of the detail, I didn't care how innacurate it might have been, I just got swept away with the story. I then went on to read The Sixth Wife Suzannah Dunn and enjoyed that too. Staying in an old blacksmith's cottage in the private valley made me come over all historical. My mother read a historical novel by someone called Victoria Holt, and I wondered if Phillipa Gregory was the same person with another nom de plume.

As I get older, and have fewer friends I can discuss books wth, I am finding myself less cynical about reading a good story without the need to learn something or save concepts for discussion. Oh dear! what next? Mills and Boon? What are your guilty pleasures (books I mean)?

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