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The Anticraft Book

OK, here is a sneak preview of a project I am involved with. It is The Anticraft's book coming out in Autumn (Fall) 2007. I have a design in it not once, not twice, but three times. After all, I did submit 13 designs so not such great odds.

So I guess I sort of wore the sisters down in the end but I have proved how valuable a theoretical design submission can be (with a colourful sketch) and beats having to make all 13 projects in order to get a submission accepted. I have seen a sneaky pic of one of my knits, looks fantastic.

I also had a knitter making me a version here but it was not to be (knitters , if you go near an Erssie Knits pattern she ain't joking about doing a gauge swatch first!). However, I don't bear any malice with regard to people who don't achieve size through gauge, I just think they should go and practice getting it right, adjusting it and being consistent. There is no greater joy than doing a gauge swatch, knitting the item and finding the measurement is spot on! I learned this through baby garments and kids garments where there is no room for a couple of extra stitches in an Aran weight,as a stitch out on the gauge can make an overall difference of quite a lot of inches. It was popping over to Woolly Wormhead (hadn't been to the blog for a week or two) and seeing her list of ideals. Just wish that people like that could knit for me but alas, anyone good at their gauge is inevitably a designer already and not a maker for designers!

Yay, we passed our homecheck. We are now looking to give a very special lurcher a forever home.It might not be easy, if we get a young rescue dog, but hopefully we will be able to set some boundaries because a happy dog is a dog that knows its place without having to be told. We believe in positive re-inforcement in dog training (does it work with humans too I wonder?) Being home all day will help the pooch, but I might have to hide all my wool in a very high place as lurchers are natural thievers of things like that (so I hear).