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We are going to be a Mummy and Daddy! No, we aren't having a baby. But we are thinking about getting another dog. It has taken nearly a year before we felt ready but we recently had a look at some dogs in the RSPCA kennels and found a beautiful greynbound saluki cross that we loved. However, he was recently stolen and then left by the road with a shattered leg and in agony. He was found 2 weeks after he had been taken from the RSPCA kennels and had to have his leg pinned and his body built up as he was emaciated.

However, he is a little media star, and he has already got a huge waiting list of people interested in rehoming him. We registered with Lurcher Link for a home visit and once we have had that and if we have passed the home check, we are sure to find the right dog for us through that charity. Here is a pic of another dog we have fallen in love with, he is sill a puppy really at 13mths old. I won't tell you who he is or where he is as sadly these dogs get stolen frequently and he has a right to his own anonymity. We may not end up with this one though, as we will be allocated a dog that is suitable to our situation only if we pass our homecheck. Which is happening Saturday!

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Zabet said...

Greyhounds have special needs - check 'em out online. Stuff like super-cushy beds because they have NO bodyfat, and he'll need sweaters and legwarmers for the winter (you can knit for him!), and they need a space for RUNNING. They love to run.

He looks like a sweetie! Good luck!