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Thank You Universe.....

I am being kept very busy at the moment, with new designs later this year. And I am finding opportunities coming my way that are irresistible so that is good. Occasionally, I find myself thinking, is it worth knitting for others? Should I not just knit as a hobby for myself and give up this designing thing? Then, as if the Universe is answering these questions I will be offered something which encourages me to keep going.

The other news I have is this. Last weekend Steve took his bike to Mallory Park, to ride around a race track. He has done it before (that is him up there from last time) and enjoyed it.

On Sat night, he told me he had come off the bike and I had a moment of panic. He went around a bend, caught his tyre on the white line of the track and as it had been raining the wheel spun and lost contact throwing the bike.

Luckily Steve threw himself onto the grass area, and he just relaxed and skidded on his back. he has nothing broken, just a big purple bruise on his hip and another small swelling on his elbow.

He wasn't at all shaken by this and wanted to get back on the bike (which was also undamaged) and get back on the track again. But he wasn't allowed to.
However, it has made him stop and think, does he want to do another track day, or was this some sort of warning? People get hurt doing what he did and got off very lightly. Thank you again Universe.

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