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Poor Jake

Poor EZ too. Jake passed away this morning.
He was our friend EZ's lovely soft and cuddly Alsatian who had a progressive spinal problem. I haven't forgotten how raw it feels to lose a furry friend, so had prickly tears myself when I heard the bad news yesterday that Jake was going to pass away today.
It is like losing a person, and you don't have a choice about grieving for a pet, it just happens.

Like I keep saying grief is the measure of the emotion that is felt by the person suffering loss and it is not the measure or the value that other people put on those animal's lives compared with humans. I.e. you can't just say 'for goodness sake its only a dog', because your feelings for something you love cannot be rationalised that way.

RIP Jakey.

Some furry friends from our past

Jem and Biggley circa 1989

Jem & Stevie in Weymouth

Jem in our local park

Biggley in the Garden, looking handsome and proud


Aida Costa said...

(((HUGS))) Erssie, I do understand the rawness of losing a pet. We all look back and enjoy the great memories, but in the meantime it's perfectly natural to grieve.

On a happier note, I love those greyhound sweaters!! They fit beautifully and the colours are amazing.

Anonymous said...

The grief is directly porpotional to the love - there must have been a lot of love!